School Readiness Program for Educators


The Ready! Set! School! Program helps to prepare your children for the transition to formal schooling while setting a strong foundation for their future academic success. When your centre implements this program, it will ensure the children in your care receive the required education and developmental tools relevant to their age group.

The program aims to bridge the gap between early learning experiences and primary school expectations. It has been specifically designed to engage children with fun learning experiences which will set them up to become confident and positive learners and support their interests.

This program has been developed by Lisa Rizk, a highly experienced Primary School Teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience in Primary Schools and Early Education Facilities. Lisa is a mother of three boys and has completed a Bachelor Degree in Education. She has focused much of her career on working with preschoolers and children in infants in Primary schools.

Ready! Set! School!

Program Benefits

Our School Readiness Program provides you with a well planned and detailed English, Mathematics and Fine Motor syllabus which can be implemented immediately and with ease.

For Your Centre

Our program will provide your Centre with a high quality education program that has been specifically developed for preschool aged children.

It will save you money and time as it includes weekly overviews, day plans and all of theresources needed.

Investing in this program means investing in your Centre.

All staff members can implement this program with ease.

Continuity – Changes in staff will not impact the facilitation of the program and will notdisrupt the learning process for the children.

Directors/managers are able to see at a glance, where groups are up to in theprogram and what activities have been completed.

This ensures accountability for all parties in the Centre.

It will be an essential marketing tool for you to attract new prospective clients whovalue a quality education for their children.

For Your Staff

No planning required – staff can implement our easy to follow program into their daily routines.

Step by step guide to a thorough and practical learning sequence.

Offers flexibility for staff to teach lessons 3-5 lessons a week.

All resources are provided so no need to spend time searching and finding activities to compliment lessons.

Ready! Set! School! Education offers an online meeting space for educators to exchange ideas and problem solve together across different regions and centres.

For The Parents

Parents will have peace of mind knowing that their children are attending a centre that will guide their learning experiences, providing them with all the skills and experiences required for a smooth transition to BIG school.

Parents can be easily informed on how their child is progressing and will feel confident that the necessary foundation learning skills are being introduced in a fun, clear and precise way.

For The Children

Our program is full of fun and engaging activities to enhance each child’s learning experiences.

It offers hands on, play based activities and experiences to engage each child.

Gives them the best learning foundations before they start BIG school.

The program aims to build children’s confidence and self esteem to become engaged and enthusiastic learners through out their schooling journey.

Program Enquiry

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Ready! Set! School!

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