Class Times

West Pennant Hills – Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday: 9am (drop off) to 11.45am (pick up)

Kellyville – Friday: 9am (drop off) to 11.45am (pick up)
(booked out — contact us for more classes in Kellyville)


West Pennant Hills Community Centre – Activities Room
42 Hill Rd West Pennant Hills
(Map / Directions)

Wrights Rd Community Centre – Activities Room
Corner Harrington Avenue and Wrights Road, Castle Hill 2155

Expression of Interest

If you’re interested in having your child attend Ready! Set! School! but we don’t operate in your area, we’d love to hear from you.

Please fill out this form, and we’ll be in touch when we open new locations!

    1. Child / Student Details

    Child / Student 1

    Date of Birth

    Is English the first language?

    Child / Student 2 (Optional)

    Date of Birth

    Is English the first language?

    2. Parent / Guardian Details

    Parent / Guardian 1

    Does the child live with you?

    Parent / Guardian 2 (Optional)

    Does the child live with you?

    Are there any court orders, parenting orders or parenting plans relating to the power, duties and responsibilities or authorities of any person in relation to the child or access to the child?

    Please upload a copy of all relevant documentation. Without copies of current orders or documentation, staff cannot enforce parents requests. If circumstances change you must notify the Director immediately.

    3. Class Times

    Please select your desired class days / times. You can select more than one.

    4. Emergency / Authorised Contact Details (other than parent)

    Please list emergency/authorized contacts in relation to your child. Staff will call these listed if you cannot be contacted in case of an emergency or illness. If you wish to remove a person from the list of Emergency/Authorised persons list, you MUST inform Ready Set School in writing.

    Person 1

    Emergency contact?

    Authorised to collect?

    Person 2

    Emergency contact?

    Authorised to collect?

    5. Child’s Family Circumstances

    6. Child’s Medical / Health Information

    Does your child have any allergies, medical conditions and/or dietary restrictions?

    Please upload any relevant management plan/documentation.

    7. Illness, accident and emergency treatment (Parent consent authority)

    Although every care will be taken of your child while attending Ready Set School, School Readiness, unforeseen accidents/illnesses may occur.

    I/We hereby agree that if my child is injured or is ill while at Ready Set School, and if the centre thinks it is necessary, they may arrange –

    • An ambulance for your child

    • Urgent medical care from your doctor or dentist

    • For your child to be taken to the nearest hospital

    NB – Every possible effort will be made to contact the parents and/or those listed as emergency contacts on the list provided.

    I/We agree to meet all/any costs related to such treatment or transportation.

    8. Consent

    I grant Ready! Set! School! permission to use my child’s name, photograph or film for any display, publicity purpose, including on social media platforms.

    Please provide your social media handle(s), e.g. Instagram or Facebook.

    Do you grant permission for your child or children to receive a special treat for children's birthdays?

    If no, please provide a safe treat for your child.

    9. Fees and Payment

    For your enrolment to be accepted a deposit of $77 per child, per session is required. You will be asked to enter your credit card details at the bottom of this form.

    Please note: this deposit will be deducted off your terms fees.

    A fee of $77 per child, per session will be charged. Additionally, a credit card surcharge of 1.75% + 30c per transaction will be charged.

    An invoice will be issued for the term and payment must be made by the due date stated on the invoice. Session fees include tuition, supervision, resources and a Ready Set School t-shirt which can be worn to each class. Payments are to be made in accordance of the conditions of enrolment.

    10. Where did you hear about us?

    11. Conditions of enrolment

    • I/We agree to pay fees for a term in advance before/on the payment date as stated on the invoice.

    • I/We understand there will be no refunds given for missed lessons due to illness or personal reasons.

    • I/We understand Ready! Set! School! will provide up to 3 make-up lessons for students, where there is availability. Please email the office to arrange this.

    • I/We am aware of the operating hours of Ready! Set! School! classes.

    • I/We understand parents/guardian are required to collect students on time. (Note: If students are collected outside of allocated times a fee of $20 per 15min block will be charged.)

    • I/We am aware Ready! Set! School! operates during the NSW school term. We will be closed during the school holidays and public holidays. I understand that I am not charged for these periods.

    • I/We understand my child is to be fully toilet trained before beginning classes at Ready! Set! School!

    • I/We understand Ready! Set! School! is not responsible for students outside of enrolled class times.

    • I/We understand 14 days notice for withdrawal from classes, failure to do so will result in forfeiture of fees equivalent to two weeks.

    View Privacy Policy in new window.

    Total payment amount (incl. credit card surcharge):

    Please enter the email address the payment receipt and enrolment confirmation should be sent to: